Thursday, April 16, 2009

Three Things This Thursday

1. We had a GREAT Easter. I found a dress for my oldest daughter that she really liked & I was happy because I got to dress all 3 girls in PINK this year.

2. I have found a new's Pink Saturday!! I'm really jazzed about participating in it this week.

3. Our youngest son is turning 11 next week. Where have the years gone? It seems like yesterday he was just a baby, now he is on the verge of entering Middle School. I'm hoping to get my scanner working so I can post some baby pictures of him next week.

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1 comment:

Kirsty said...

They are all so perfectly pretty in pink! Adorable. I can't believe Benj will be 11 this year either. It's insane! And I still remember Maggie as a teenytiny baby look how big she is now!