Thursday, April 23, 2009

Things I LOVE Thursday...Rechargeable Batteries

Batteries are like everything else in my house, the kids fight over them. At Christmas I had the brilliant idea to purchase Green rechargeable batteries for my youngest son and Pink rechargeable batteries for my oldest daughter. They are 26 months apart in age and currently the worst about fighting over stuff. I saw these batteries at Toys R Us, so when I was purchasing their MP3 players to give them for Christmas I also purchased 4 AA & 4 AAA batteries for each of them. We have other rechargeable batteries in the house that are used by everyone, but this gave them batteries of their own in a sufficient quantity to run the battery draining devices they each own. I think this was one of their absolute favorite gifts. I'm really enjoying the reduction in fights over batteries. Of course they both now want their own charger, but we have enough chargers around from previous purchases that we don't NEED anymore.

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Melanie said...

I love the rechargeable batteries I use for my camera! So handy!

Squid Girl said...

I love the color coded batteries.

In addition to using rechargeable batteries (as a replacement to disposable alkalines) consider all the cordless electronics that we use daily that are powered by rechargeable batteries: laptops, cell phones, electric razors, electric toothbrush, mp3 player, digital camera.

Then there are the items we use less frequently but that we still have in our homes: power tools, camcorders, cordless vacuums, remote control toys. There are probably more cordless items that other people use that are missing from the above list.

Basically, if it requires being plugged into a wall socket to get recharged, the rechargeable battery inside can be recycled 100% at Type in your zip code to find participating drop off locations in your neighborhood.

The program is free and nationwide. 100% of the rechargeable batteries get recycled, in North America. The recycling process is environmentally sound. Nothing goes to the landfills, no waste is sent to or processed in developing countries.

Conserve natural resources, preserve the environment – use AND recycle rechargeable batteries.

Laura said...

Oh! That is such a brilliant idea! I'll have to remember that for when my children are older! Thanks for sharing.

shopannies said...

I plan on trying that and love the idea of different colors

Eos Mom said...

Very clever! I had no idea there were colored batteries, I need to get out more, LOL.

Kristi said...

Hi, Denise!

Just wanted to let you know that Word World is on PBS. Hopefully your local station will have it! I know there are at least one or two dvds, as well.

Talk to you soon!

Taylor said...

What a great idea! I need to get some of those. It seems like all toddler toys take atleast 1 battery and they never last.