Sunday, April 19, 2009

Scenic Sunday

This is my first time participating in Scenic Sunday. This picture was taken in my Mom's front yard last week...I just love the colors.

Sometimes we are so busy with everyday life that we forget to appreciate the beauty that God has placed before us. Scenic Sundays are about stopping and smelling the roses. And while you're smelling those roses, take a picture so that others can share in your appreciation for the beauty of His creation. So pretty please come join us for Scenic Sundays. Maybe we'll see things in a different light.
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MamaBear said...

Those are some pretty colors - the yellow especially!

What a view she has!

Miti said...

Hey Denise. Thank you for joining me for Scenic Sunday. It's great to see new participants. Your mom has a very pretty view. Love all those pink & yellow blossoms. Hope you come back and share more of God's beautiful scenery with me.

EL at Through My Own Lens said...

Isn't spring wonderful. Color is actually coming back into our landscape! I can't wait!