Thursday, April 2, 2009

Things I LOVE Thursday...Internet Deals (free shipping & NO sales Tax)

I live in Tennessee. Our sales tax is 9.74%, that means that everything I buy actually costs me almost 10% more than the price on the tag (even groceries). I'm always looking for ways to buy things we need without paying that sales tax. Twice a year we get a sales tax holiday that allows us to buy school supplies and clothes without sales tax, I try to take advantage of it to the best of my ability, but it usually falls at a time that is not convenient for me.

I absolutely LOVE getting my diapers and baby things from Kelly's Closet!! I follow their blog and have learned so much about all the different brands of diapers, plus every week they have a giveaway. A couple months ago, I actually WON a giveaway!!! Just yesterday, I got a package from Kelly's Closet in the mail. I ordered a fitted diaper, two covers and a laundry bag. I've had my eye on this stuff for a couple weeks. I used one of their weekend specials to get FREE shipping....this is a very frequent coupon! And because they are in Maine & I'm in Tennessee, I paid no sales tax!!! This week they are giving away two one size fitted diapers and my favorite cover! This month is their 8th Anniversary. They are having a GREAT prize giveaway & at the end of April anyone who has bought from them this month will be eligible to win one of two Wii's with Wii Fit!!!

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KCShipe said...

Your sales tax is insane! I'm in VA, but I often shop in MD cause they have no sales tax on food. Isn't it interesting how much we pay in taxes :p
Thanks for the site, I will have to check it out! ALWAYS need more diapers :)