Friday, April 10, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

As I mentioned before, Hubby & I are Angel's baseball fans. On Wednesday we watched the game online. Hubby kept raving about what a wonderful new rookie pitcher the Angels have this year. He pitched six shut out innings it was his season debut. Later that night he was in a car accident and early Thursday morning he died of his injuries. This young man, Nick Adenhart, was almost exactly one year older than our oldest son. My heart aches for his parents, team mates, friends and family.
Our weather has been really unpredictable. Last weekend we had nice warm temperatures in the mid 70's. By Monday we had snow flurries and on Tuesday, it was snowing hard & swirling around like a blizzard.....none of it stuck around because the ground wasn't cold enough, but it sure made an attempt at bringing back winter. Yesterday, it warmed back up into the 70's with sunny skies and we are now supposed to have WARM weather at least through the holiday weekend. I thought it had killed all my daffodils, but one of the flowers seems to have survived!! My tulips are now in full bloom and don't seem to have been effected by the COLD at all.
On Tuesday Hubby had vein ablation surgery on his right leg. This involved having holes cut into his leg to insert a laser catheter into a vein & KILL (Hubby's word) the offending vein. Hubby is not overly fond of doctors, but he decided that the condition of his legs was bad enough that he was willing to undergo this procedure. It was done at an outpatient surgery center under local anesthesia. The procedure itself was much more painful than Hubby had anticipated, but he made it through. He currently is still planning to go ahead with the procedure scheduled for the other leg at the end of April. It's been three days since the procedure and we are starting to see some improvement. His leg is less swollen, his foot is less swollen & the skin of both his foot and leg seems to be trying to return to a more normal color. He is supposed to return to work on Saturday.
On Wednesday our 8 yr old daughter finished her tests at church for becoming a full fledged member of the choir. Up until now she has only been able to wear the blue choir robe, but starting this Sunday she will also be wearing a white coda over her blue robe to show she has earned full choir membership. This took her many months and she is very proud of the accomplishment. I should mention that our 10 yr old son is also a member of the choir and he earned his coda almost immediately after joining the choir in the Fall. He had quite a bit of previous music education so it was much easier for him and really didn't seem like quite as big an accomplishment. I'm hoping to get a picture of them both in full robes this weekend & will share next week.
It's been a busy blog week and next week will most likely be even busier. I've found a couple new blog carnivals and am really enjoying them. My newest favorites are Making a Happy Home Monday (which I haven't actually done yet), Family Fun Friday and Three Things this Thursday. Several days a week I am participating in more than one carnival, right now it is a LOT of fun and most of them help me in some way. Some are motivational, others make me really THINK. At this time in my life I think they all add to helping me get it together. I've noticed a lot of people trying to combine several carnivals into one post, it seems to work for them, but so far for me, the more I write the more I feel like I'm getting out of the experience. I'm also participating in 31 Days to Build a Better Blog with my friend Janet. I like my blog, but I've wanted to tweak it some to make it more ME. I'm thinking this series may be the answer.
This Sunday is Easter!!! All week I've been seeing posts about Resurrection eggs. I am not a very crafty person so, if I've heard of this before, it didn't stick in my brain. It sounds like a GREAT way to teach the kids the true meaning of Easter. I wish I had been together enough to start last week on Palm Sunday, opening one egg each day to teach them the significance of each day of Holy Week. We will be decorating hard boiled eggs later today and I'm planning to do the resurrection eggs with the kids afterward. On Saturday we will be going to an Easter egg hunt at church and then a special children's service. On Sunday we will start the day with the kids getting their Easter baskets, then we'll head to church. The middle kids are singing at both the 9 am & 11:15 am services. I'm hoping Baby Daughter will sleep through at least one of the services so that I can participate. Afterward we will come home for some family time. Unfortunately, Hubby has to work from 9 to 6 on Sunday because it is not an official national holiday. We'll probably have a family Easter egg hunt in the yard after he gets home.
Next week I'm hoping to get some major Spring cleaning done. The kids are out of school on Monday, not sure if I will make them help or just enlist them to keep the babies busy. I also need to start thinking about what we are doing for our youngest son's 11th birthday & Hubby's birthday at the end of the month. I've been neglecting my food blog and need to give it some attention in the coming week too. I'm working on an idea for it that I think could be fun, just need to find the time to get it started.

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