Thursday, April 9, 2009

31 days to Build a Better Blog

My friend Janet posted about this today. I had seen something about it yesterday & kind of disregarded it as not relevant to me. Thanks to Janet's post, I've decided to sign up for the e-mails along with reading the blog and see where it takes me. If you've been thinking that your blog could use a little "something" head over to ProBlogger and take a look at the first 4 days of tasks. You can join in anytime & they will send you all the previous e-mails to get you caught up.


LaVonne said...

I think I will head over there and check it out. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting about potty training. Stop by again any time! :


Eos Mom said...

Thanks to you, I signed up for the emails and I'm sprucing up my blog :-) And I like your current background (I've been playing with mine as well.) Thanks again!