Friday, April 3, 2009

Family Fun Friday

This is a brand new carnival I'm participating in for the first time. I had to come up with something FUN the whole family could do together for less than $10.
Our favorite family activity is to take the kids to a local park on the river. This park has a porch swing type swing that we all fit on that looks out over the river. There is a walking trail that is perfect for a stroll with the double stroller. Our 3 yr old usually starts out walking, but about half way through she gets tired & wants to ride. I don't think we'll be giving up the double stroller anytime soon. This park also has a great playground that all the kids LOVE with benches that Hubby & I like to sit on to watch them play. When the weather warms up the kids play on the "beach" and wade in the water. Evening is our favorite time at the park because there are fewer people. In a few months there will be lightening bugs to chase & catch too.


justusseven said...

Great stuff!
=) Lori

Kirsty said...

That sounds just lovely. It sounds cheesy to say but really the best memories are generally from stuff that you do for free or very little money.