Friday, April 10, 2009

Family Fun Friday

Since today is Good Friday, my FUN event is going to be Easter related. Last night, while the kids were obliviously watching TV, I hard boiled 2 dozen eggs. It is much easier to do this while the kids are otherwise occupied. Once the eggs were cool, I put them back in the carton & back into the fridge.

Over the years, we have tried all kinds of special dyes. Some of them were fairly expensive, but the results were less than spectacular. This year I decided to go with the cheap standard dye. It cost a whopping $1.50. It is the kind that you add vinegar to a cup of cold water and then drop in the color tablet. We will be doing this outside on the deck. Each of the kids will get to dye 6 eggs any colors they want. Once they are done, we will add stickers and put them into the cute little holders that are part of the dye box. When we are all done, they will go back in the fridge. We will bring them out to decorate the table for Easter dinner. Then eat them as egg salad and deviled eggs next week.

On Saturday we are going to an Easter egg hunt at our church. We donated 5 dozen filled plastic eggs to the event at a cost of about $4. My four youngest kids and my granddaughter will have a blast hunting eggs with their friends. Sunday evening we will hunt more plastic eggs at home in our yard. My kids never tire of hunting for Easter eggs and could spend the whole day hunting them over and over again.

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A Frugal Friend said...

Sounds like fun!!!! Enjoy the weekend.

justusseven said...

Thanks for this great post!