Friday, April 24, 2009

Family Fun Friday

Last week the kids and I baked cookies, they were delicious!! This weeks Family Fun project is working in the yard with the kids. We have a LOT of trees in our yard and they are constantly losing branches. The kids enjoy competing with each other to see who can gather the biggest pile of sticks. Over the years I've collected enough kid size rakes that all the kids can rake at the same time. The middle kids are big enough now to use a regular rake & when we are all outside together it is one of their favorite things to do.
Walmart has flats of perennial flowers for about $3.50 each, so we will probably head over there to pick up a couple flats. My girls especially enjoy planting new flowers. My youngest son turned 11 on Wednesday & he is eager to learn to use the lawnmower. All these things would be considered chores if I sent the kids out to do it on their own, but when we work in the yard together it's FUN.
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Janet said...

Have fun. We spent yesterday afternoon pulling up and digging weeds out of our flower bed. The girls had a blast!