Thursday, April 16, 2009

Blitz it Friday

Last week I learned that I get more done in a short blitz than I do in an hour long blitz....I guess I just don't have the stamina for a solid hour of productivity.

My plan for this week was to dedicate 3 half hour blocks to blitz in areas that needed the most attention around my house.

Blitz #1...30 minutes folding towels & putting them away

Blitz #2...deep cleaning the kids bathroom (YUCK)

Blitz #3...30 minutes folding & putting away the 2 youngest kids clothes

These all worked out well, now I'm planning to have a Blitz over the weekend to clean out my fridge & my pantry. I'm hoping to do both in one 30 minute Blitz....Wish me LUCK!!


Organizing Mommy said...

30 minute blitz's are great. I'm not sure why I like an hour. I think I like the challenge of it. I'm trying to stretch my focusing abilities which are severely limited! ugh. You are a good example for me--moderation. moderation! happy weekend and blessings to your family.

Leo's mom said...

I'm with you, I'm all about the shorter blitzes. And I've got a lot of laundry folding to do myself, I better Blitz It. Great post!

Contemplative Mom said...

Great work! Shorter blitz's sure do work well for you. I love working for an hour, but very rarely find that much time in one stretch.