Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Works for me Wednesday---Revisiting my sock solution

For this weeks Works for Me Wednesday the theme is reposting our favorite tips from the past.....I'm copying & pasting and will add a bit to the end.

I want to start out by saying that I did not come up with this solution. I actually read about it on a message board and was soooo stunned and amazed that I had to try it myself. This is such an amazing, but simple thing that I immediately shared it with Hubby too & even he was amazed and thought it was the absolute best idea he had ever heard.

Socks have never been my favorite thing, but when we only had boys, my solution was to buy one brand of all the same white socks, that way if one got lost it was never missed and when the sock supply was dwindling I would simply buy a new package to add to the population. Then, we had a girl. Our life has never been the same since adding girls to our family. Girl socks are just soooo CUTE. I can not imagine putting the same exact white socks on my girls everyday, I just had to do the cute prints & the lace & all the frills. However, along with that cuteness came the keeping them matched up & not loosing the mates dilemma.

A few months ago, the sock discussion came up on a message board I frequent. One mom had this fabulous idea, she bought each of her girls (she has 8) their own net lingerie bag. The bag was hung on a hook in the kids rooms and each time they take off a pair of socks or tights they go directly in the bag!!! When it's wash day, the bag goes into the dirty cloths hamper and the socks are washed & dried inside the bag, no more lost socks, no more sorting each girls socks & it's easy to match them all up to put away because you've only got 6 or 8 pairs each at most.
This bag works GREAT for my 8 yr old, we hung it on a hook that is too high for her little sisters to reach. All her socks & tights for a week fit nicely into it with plenty of room to move around while washing and drying. It works so well, I'm considering getting her another one for her undies and camisoles. The little girls share the same size socks and tights, so they also share one bag. Their bag is a standard mesh bag with a zipper closure, I keep it in my room because that is where I store all of their clothes. This has worked so well I'm planning to buy my 10 yr old son a bag too.

Update: I found a great zippered lingerie bag at Walmart for my 10 yr old son, it was less than $ is made by Tide. It was on the laundry supplies isle with the hampers, clothes baskets & hangers. We keep it in the top of his hamper in his room, he takes it out to put his socks in, puts his dirty clothes in his hamper, then puts the sock bag back on top. I had to remind him over & over & over for a couple weeks to get him into the habit of putting his socks in it, but it is now working GREAT, so this idea does work for both boys & girls!!!!

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Vanessa said...

I use the lingerie bag for my baby girl. It does work great. My boys are still all boring white socks except for a couple of dress pairs for church.

For me, I use sock locks. They're really neat. I'm still working on a solution for my husband. At least his socks are big so they don't get lost in the machine like the baby ones.

Thanks for sharing!