Friday, March 27, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

It's been quite a week!!! Happy Ultimate Blog Party Everybody!!! I've had my Ultimate Blog Party post up since Friday and it is so neat getting to meet so many other bloggers. On Tuesday, I finally tackled my Ultimate Blog Party Food post. The kids and I really enjoyed making and eating all the party food. I also finally got some favorite recipes written down & posted.
Baby Daughter has had a rough week. Sunday, she woke up with a fever and a very gunky nose. As soon as that cleared up she was hit with the stomach bug. The stomach bug has visited most of the rest of us now too, so hopefully we are DONE with sickness for a while. Baby Daughter is also becoming quite a climber, she has always really liked butter. This week, she pushed a chair up to the counter & smeared two full sticks of butter all over herself...her hair is STILL greasy.
Spring has officially arrived....with LOTS of rain. One of my tulips is almost ready to's RED. Hopefully by next week I'll have a picture of it for you.
Good news for our 2nd son...he is starting a new job at Red Robin!!! The restaurant isn't quite finished yet, but he starts training next week. We are all very happy for him & since we absolutely LOVED Red Robin the few times we ate there in California, we are planning to eat there as soon after they open as we can manage. April 28th is opening day.
Hubby is scheduled to have surgery on one of his legs on April 7th. We are relieved that the Dr's have finally decided on a treatment, but Hubby gets more and more nervous every day. They will be operating on the other leg at the end of April. Prayers for successful surgery would be greatly appreciated.
It's almost baseball season. Hubby& I are really into the Angel's!! They are doing awesome in the preseason. We've had our hopes dashed many times over the years, but we have high hopes for this season! Go Angel's!!!
I'll be doing the Blitz it Friday again later today. My friend Kirsty is participating in an interesting carnival tomorrow, but I don't have the willpower to unplug my computer for the whole day. Looking around the Ultimate Blog Party I found something new that I'll start participating in on Monday.
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