Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm feeling very conflicted

I have definitely been feeling the pull to get more involved in church & to get my kids involved. The conflict is that Baby Daughter has had aggression issues in the nursery. It was actually late November the last time she had a problem. In December, I kept her out of the nursery & took her with me. The few times we were able to go in January, my 8 yr old stayed in the nursery with her during the Sunday school hour & I took her to church with me (or sat in the van & waited for church to be over when she wasn't able to sit through church). We were too sick to go to church all of February. Last Sunday, the 8 yr old stayed with her again during Sunday school & because she hasn't bitten anyone in MONTHS or had any other aggression problems, I went ahead & left her in the nursery during church. I was able to enjoy the service & when I picked her up after the Peace, I was very happy to hear she had done FINE.

On Wednesday, she was in the nursery during the class that I attended & did GREAT. But today, I got a phone call telling me that she is not allowed to be in the nursery anymore until we come up with some kind of plan. It seems that there are families who feel that she is a danger to their children. She is not welcome in the nursery, which translates to me being unable to assist in the level 1 children's program during Sunday school and me not being able to attend church. There is no way she will sit quietly for the entire service & I am not up to enduring the angry stares of the childless & the old people who don't remember what it is like to have an unhappy toddler. I have a meeting scheduled with the priest to discuss all of this on Wednesday. I can't stop crying & don't want to cry during my meeting with him.

I LOVE this church, but I am feeling like it is time to start looking for someplace that we fit in better. My middle kids LOVE being in the choir, my 3 yr old loves her Sunday school program and I've looked forward to getting to attend Catechesis training for years. This is the only church in our area that is currently using this Sunday school program & I think it is so beneficial for the kids, but at the same time I don't feel like Baby Daughter being treated like a leper FOREVER because she went through a biting phase is good for any of us. I don't have anyone to leave her with on Sundays and I want her to have the benefit of being involved in church activities too.

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