Monday, March 2, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday--Piles of clutter--Updated

There are certain places in my house that seem to accumulate clutter....piles & piles & piles of it. It is the sort of thing that starts gradually, but then suddenly snowballs to the point of threatening to become an avalanche. The computer desks, the kitchen counters & then when it is really out of control the kitchen table.

This particular round of clutter has been slowly building since just after Christmas. I managed to get my counters cleared off in early February, but other than that I have mostly been avoiding dealing with the clutter....then I got sick & all he** broke loose. While I was in the hospital, Hubby put all the incoming mail in a pile on the table and the kids put all their school papers on the table, after 4 days that was a total avalanche waiting to happen. Of course it has taken me over two weeks since getting home to actually have the energy to DEAL with cleaning.

I've got some very embarrassing BEFORE pictures to show now & I'll update in the afternoon with my progress pictures.

Update: I was able to get the computer desk, the kitchen table & one of the counters completely cleaned off....It looks sooooo much better!!! I'll spend some more time on it tomorrow & get the rest of the kitchen counters done.


Robyn said...

We ALL have cluttered places... and no matter when you clean it, it all ends up back there sooner or later! Can't wait to see your afters!

The Masked Mommy said...

Yes, it looks just like my house! lol! I don't think there's any way to avoid all those piles and piles of papers and clutter. *sigh* good luck! You can do it!