Friday, March 13, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday


I think that things have been worked out with our church situation with Baby Daughter. This is such a relief!!!

The middle kids had a choir concert at church on Sunday that was FANTASTIC!!! I am so impressed with the choir program they are part of. They love it and they are learning so much. On Thursday, all 400 or so 3rd graders at my kids school put on a concert. My 8 yr old also received a medal & goody bag for her participation in the PTA literature contest, she was soooo excited.

We seem to have started the next round of illness. The babies are both coughing & sneezing...the 3 yr old puked her dinner tonight. The 10 yr old went to the clinic at school Wednesday with a fever & sore throat, he stayed home from school Thursday & Friday. They are out of school all next week for Spring break.

My tackle for Tuesday was to try to conquer the Laundry Mountain of clean clothes in my bedroom. I got it all sorted into baskets. I got all the towels sorted, folded & put away!! I got all of the kids clothes sorted into individual baskets & started on sorting out the too small clothes. I got all of my 10 yr old son's clothes folded & he put them away. This took me hours & hours. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten anything but diapers & pajamas put away for the two youngest & none of the 8 yr old's stuff has gotten put away. I'm still working on it.....doesn't look like my room will be getting rearranged next Tuesday, but hopefully before Spring break is over.
The four youngest kids received Christmas gift cards from an Aunt in California this week. They were very surprised & excited. We all went to Walmart on Friday. Baby Daughter got a Chou Chou baby doll, it talks, she is thrilled. The doll was originally $39, but was on clearance for $17. The 3 yr old was disappointed that the store only had one Chou Chou doll, but she found two DVDs she wanted & then had enough left for 3 coloring books and a new pack of washable crayons. The 8 yr old got a hair highlighting kit. She can make blue, pink, silver or white streaks of color in her hair. The color washes out, so it is the perfect toy for Spring break. She also got a pack of replacement pens & stencils for her Doodle Bears and a bottle of very pretty pearly pink nail polish. The 10 yr old found an accessory pack for his Nintendo DS and a bunch of cool trading cards. They are very pleased with the things they picked. Now we need to take some pictures & send Thank you cards to their Aunt.
We are planning to do Spring cleaning next week while the kids are on Spring Break. Hopefully the warm weather will return so the kids can get some time outside as well. If the weather cooperates, maybe we will spend at least one day at the park. It's going to be a busy week, no matter what kind of weather we end up with.
I started writing this on Thursday night. I worked on it on Friday & here I am finishing it on Saturday afternoon. I'm not sure if I can still link it up or not. It doesn't seem like much has gotten done, but I've felt REALLY busy the last few days.

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