Friday, March 20, 2009

Blitz it Friday--One hour of non-stop action!

This is something NEW I found this week!!! The Blitz is a motivational tool for getting things done around the house.

I've been really struggling to get my house back in shape. Today, I will be spending an hour in my kitchen working on getting it cleaned up. I'm setting the timer and will work the whole time, no computer breaks, no answering the phone.

No pictures, but here is what I got done:
  1. Loaded the dishwasher
  2. put in a load of laundry
  3. swept the kitchen floor
  4. fixed a shelf in the kitchen cabinet that lost a support
  5. put all my spices back in the cabinet on the fixed shelf
  6. Scheduled 2 surgeries for Hubby
  7. changed a diaper
  8. moved the clothes to the dryer
  9. put a load of towels in the washer
  10. sorted and put away clean diapers and wipes

I hadn't planned to answer the phone, but the Dr's office called to schedule Hubby's leg surgery, so I had to talk to them. He will be having surgery on April 9th and April 30th. This was also on my to get done list for today, so it wasn't cheating. I didn't sit down for the phone call and was able to get the spices back into the cabinet while getting the appointments scheduled.

Check out Organized Everyday to join or just to see what others are Blitzing this week.


Organizing Mommy said...

Yeah!!! Were you pleased with your results? It seems like you got a lot done! Your children are so adorable. Love all of the ballerinas with the boys. I usually do a blitz once a day on "home days" to make up for my busy life on out of the house days. Some days (after a cup of coffee) I can do two!! Thank you so much for participating. I was starting to feel... :( that no one was linking up!

Kirsty said...

NICE!! Well done Denise. One successful hour can do a lot to boost your morale and get you back on track. You got a lot achieved!!!

Christy @ ContemplativeMom said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You got great stuff done. And it was nice to be able to get two things done at once (scheduling & spices)!