Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday--Conquering the Laundry Mountain

Today, there are no pictures, sorry. I have an antique couch in the sitting area of my bedroom & it is currently buried in clean clothes. I don't normally have any trouble getting the clothes sorted, washed & dried, the trouble comes in when it's time to FOLD & especially put those clothes away. We went about 3 weeks while I was sick without anyone putting away any clothes...everyone has just been hunting through the clothes on the couch looking for what they want. Now the weather has warmed up & on top of the winter clothes we also have some warmer weather things that have gotten mixed in. It is a TOTAL disaster!!!
I've spent the morning, finding all the laundry baskets & picking up the clothes that fell off the couch onto the floor. My babies just had a picnic lunch on the deck & are hopefully going to take a nap. While they are sleeping, I'm going to see how much stuff I can get folded. Wish me LUCK!!!
Next week I am hoping to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom, but this has to get done first.

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Kirsty said...

Good luck! You have inspired me to get rid of mine watching some TV tonight. I have similar issues.