Friday, March 27, 2009

Blitz it Friday

Wow, it has been a hectic day. I had planned to spend an hour on my livingroom today & get all the carpet in the livingroom, diningroom & hallway vacuumed, but instead I ended up running around doing errands. I did spend half an hour folding clothes last night, but since it barely put a dent in the mountain I'm not counting it as a blitz.

My Blitz for today was the hour that I spent in the grocery store. Our grocery store is a Kroger Marketplace, it is HUGE & sells everything from produce to toys & furniture. Being focused while shopping in this store is a MUST. I went in with a plan and was actually able to stick to it. I bought milk, bread, cheese, strawberries, juice, eggs, cereal, everything I needed for tonight's dinner & a few snacks and managed to keep the bill under $100.


Contemplative Mom said...

A focused shopping trip was a great use of a blitz. I should try that, instead of getting distracted!

Organizing Mommy said...

I should have tried that technique at the store, and I might not have spent double of what you did.. Oops. Thanks for participating!! Good job. I think I blitz myself into oblivion today.. everything hurts, but it feels so good to have it clean!