Friday, March 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday

This post about food addiction & listening to God, hit close to home for me this week. I've been thinking about cutting out processed foods. I am not the type of person who really does "diets" I am not concerned about my weight, I prefer to stay the same rather than yo yo back & forth. BUT, I know it would be better for me to eat less processed food and more fresh fruits and veggies. I am also realizing that I don't spend nearly enough time in quiet contemplation. I would really like to get into a routine of having my breakfast outside on our deck before the babies wake up. I always feel closer to God when I can be outside enjoying nature.


I have found a new weekly carnival to participate in!!! It is called Blitz it Friday. I am going to spend a solid hour on Friday getting stuff DONE around my house and then I will post pictures of what I got accomplished in that hour. My house is still in really bad shape from when I was so sick, I really needed this motivation.


Today is the first day of the Ultimate Blog Party 2009!! My friend Kirsty is hosting a give away. Many other people are hosting giveaways. I would LOVE to be able to host a giveaway, but that is one those blogging things I have not yet figured out. I am however planning to participate in the Party both here & on my *F*O*O*D* blog.


My friend Missy has declared it to be officially almost Spring!!! She even had pictures up this week to prove it. Here is my little bit of proof of Spring.
I have two of these in my yard!!! The tulip plants are up, but so far no flowers, I'm thinking they are holding out for Easter.

Last week I made dinner for a family from church who has a new baby. On Wednesday, I made dinner for my oldest daughter's former teacher. The teacher has been on disability since after Christmas because of blood clots in her legs that have left her bedridden. On Thursday, I had an orientation session to work in our church's food pantry. The office at our church takes phone calls from people in need of food. Volunteers deliver a bag of groceries to each person's home. The morning staff accepted too many requests and at the end of the day, there were three orders left with nobody to deliver them. The two ladies working the phones and I each took one to deliver. My bag was for a family of 6, living in a single wide trailer in a very dismal looking part of town. It took me a while to find the right place because I am not familiar with the area. After I had dropped off the food, I found myself reflecting on my three different recent experiences that all involved providing food to families. The first family is going through a joyous, but stressful adjustment to a new family member, our church family is providing meals to help make their lives a little easier. The second family is going through a very tough time because the wife/mother who would normally take care of all meals is incapacitated, several families who either have children in the class she was teacher of this year or from previous years have come together to provide meals for their family. I don't know much about the third family, the man I gave the food to appeared elderly, I didn't see any of the other family members, but I have to assume that they are having a rough time in our horrible economy. I'm thankful that our church participates in an interfaith food program that uses volunteers to deliver food to those who have no transportation to get to a food bank when they have no food to feed their families. I've felt drawn to participate in all of these programs.
The middle kids have been home all week for Spring Break. They are bored and unhappy because we didn't do anything FUN during their break. We've started them both on daily allergy medicines in hopes of getting the runny noses and watery eyes under control. The 8 yr old lost her voice for a few days, but that seems to have been an allergy symptom too, her voice has returned. The two youngest are mostly over their colds...finally. We've had a resurgence of biting at home. Baby Daughter tried to bite her Daddy twice this week when he picked her up while she was throwing a fit. She has also bitten two of her siblings. She was running a low fever most of the week, but other than that I'm completely at a loss to explain this new round of biting. I guess it is a good thing that I plan to keep her with me at church from here on out. We didn't go last Sunday because everyone had colds and there was no Sunday school due to the 1st weekend of Spring break.
We had several days of RAIN this week interspersed with BEAUTIFUL sunny days. The temperature is dropping again today, but then we will go into a nice warming trend. I'm hoping to get a lot of cleaning and organizing done in the coming week. I still want to rearrange the furniture in my bedroom. I've had paint and wallpaper to redo my kitchen for over a year and I've finally decided what color to paint our hall bathroom, so I need to get the cleaning done to be able to move on to the redecorating.


Amy said...

That same post at CD spoke to me this week, too- I've been back several times to read it again. I'm with you-- not sure I'm ready to cut out all the foods that Jennifer did, but ready to make some kind of change.

My 7 Quick Takes post today is a random collection of thoughts as I'm just returning from a blogcation. Have a great weekend! :)

Lerin said...

I visited your blog for the first time today, and want to give you a compliment on your GORGEOUS family! :)