Saturday, March 7, 2009

I spent the day at church today

Today was my monthly Catechesis of the Good Shepherd training. The middle kids also had a rehearsal at church this morning with the orchestra for their concert tomorrow evening. I was supposed to be there at 9 and they needed to be there by 9:30....we made it by about 9:05. I left the two youngest at home with my Mom.

I absolutely LOVE this training & the program itself is so uplifting. I'm still frustrated about the nursery situation with Baby Daughter, but I've come up with my own plan because I can not let somebody drive my family away from this church where we all feel so connected. I have a few theories about who is behind this, but there is no way I can prove it & even if I could, they have more power than I do, so working around the situation & just NOT using the nursery seems to be the best alternative. I will go to talk with the priest about the situation on Wednesday, but until then I've decided I need to just give this up to God & not allow it to keep me from my church obligations or from my children participating in their church activities & obligations.

I received a Get Well card from a group of very caring people from church today. They bought me a grocery store gift card because we declined to have people bring us meals during my recovery from the pneumonia. I am so touched by their generosity. It also made me feel like there are quite a few people who are GLAD that my family attends this church & that they care about us.

I took the kids home at lunch and then went back to finish up my session. Fortunately Baby Daughter was so thrilled to see her favorite brother & sister she didn't get too upset when I had to go back to finish my class. We finished around 2:30 & then on the drive home I saw tons & tons of daffodils in bloom!! I LOVE daffodils!!! I'm a bit disappointed that there aren't any in my yard....I thought for sure we had some, but maybe that was a different house. We have moved a lot in the last few years. I haven't checked the backyard yet, but there are definitely none in the front yard. I'm thinking about starting another blog to work on my Catechesis training materials. I have to write up lesson plans (album pages) for all the level 1 presentations to the kids & I'm thinking it might work really well to have them on a blog. I'm going to search around to see if there are any blogs out there dealing with Catechesis training, if anybody knows of any please let me know.

Tonight is the awful Spring time change. I don't get enough sleep as it is, losing an hour is soooo unfair. Then tomorrow we will have Catechesis and church in the morning. We'll come home to have some lunch & hopefully a nap, then we have to be back at church by 4:15 for the middle kids to get in their choir robes & prepare for their 5 pm concert. Hubby will be coming straight from work to see the concert. Our oldest & his family are supposed to be coming too. The kids are very excited about the concert. I need to figure out something to put in the crockpot in the morning so dinner will be ready when we get home.

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