Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Sunday....

It has been a beautiful day!!! I had a really hard time getting up this morning & we were about 20 minutes late for Sunday school, but LOTS of other people were late too, so I didn't feel too bad about it. Baby Daughter did wonderfully in the level 1 atrium with me. We dropped the 3 yr old off at the nursery afterward, then went to the car & got her drink & some snacks. I really don't like resorting to bribery, especially with such a young child, but it worked. She ate 4 little packets of fruit snacks during the service...I had 6 just in case. She drank her juice, she colored on the visitors cards with one of the pencils from the pew. She sang along (sort of) & I think she generally enjoyed the service. During the Eucharist I was very conscience of the fact that I was happy & not feeling stressed about having her there.....I think giving that stress up to God really helped me today. I didn't go get the 3 yr old after the Peace like I normally would, but when I picked her up after church she wasn't unhappy about missing communion.

Tonight the middle kids had a choir concert at church. There are only 12 or so kids in the choir. They sing with the adult choir. Tonight there was also a full orchestra. The entire performance was in Latin & it was very much like a symphony performance that would cost $50 a person to attend, but it was FREE. The kids did fabulous!!! Actually, everyone did fabulous, but I was most impressed with the kids because they are all so young. The music itself was so beautiful. Afterward there was a reception in the Parish Hall. The food was yummy & it was really nice to mingle & listen to how impressed everyone was with our church's lovely choir.

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