Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We've had way more than our share of rain this year. I was really hoping that the weather would be NICE for Trick or Treating. It rained most of the morning, but stopped just after lunch. It was really looking like we had a chance, then about 5:30, it started to rain. It rained & rained & rained for a LONG time. We usually go out to Trick or Treat around 7 pm. Hubby put his coat on & went out into the road to see how bad the rain was out from underneath the trees. He came in soaked after about 3 minutes and told the kids the unpleasant was raining too hard to go.

Marissa & Melanie were especially devastated. We told them to keep their costumes on & we would see. Hubby & I talked about possible alternatives, but it was already almost 7:30 & our van is STILL not working, so we really didn't have any option other than waiting to see if the rain would clear. Hubby pulled up the weather Doppler on the local news website & checked to see what the storm was doing. For a while it looked as if there was no hope, then at about 8:20 a hole started to develop on the map. Marissa came to whine about not getting to Trick or Treat & I told her that Daddy was working on it. She went to Daddy to see & he told her "I'm trying" She came running back to me all excited to let me know that HER Daddy was going to make it stop raining! It really was the cutest thing. A few minutes later, I took the kids out onto the porch to get pictures of them in their costumes. We looked up & down the street, there weren't any kids out trick or treating & there were barely any lights on. Just then, Hubby came out & told the kids it was TIME to Go!! They were thrilled.

We went up the hill outside our house instead of our usual down & quickly found a few houses with lights on. As soon as Marissa received her first piece of candy her face lit up & she came running to tell me all about it. We spent about 45 minutes going to all the houses in our neighborhood with lights on. We didn't see any other kids the entire time. While we were in the cul de sac behind our house, it started to pour again. The kids didn't seem to care. It took us another 15 minutes to make it home, and even then Melanie was NOT ready to be done.


LT said...

Thank goodness the rain let up enough to go out! Our weather can be tricky on Halloween too, but we were blessed with a good night.
Hope you all had a great time!

Carly said...

Glad you got to do some Trick-Or-Treating! They look cute in their costumes.