Thursday, October 8, 2009

Diaper Tips Tuesday...on Thursday, inserts

The Cloth Diaper Report has started a new weekly carnival. I really wanted to participate, but my week has been crazy & this is my first chance to sit down & write.

A while ago I wrote 3 posts about my cloth diaper stash and at the time I planned to also write about inserts, but never found the time. Today, I would like to talk about the various kinds of inserts I use.

Some pocket diapers come with their own inserts, some don't. I personally feel like I'm getting a better value when I don't have to purchase the insert separately. Recently I've been experimenting with my inserts. I have Fuzzibunz, Smartipants, GADBaby, Rumparooz, Blueberry One size, Swaddlebees One size and several generic type inserts. In the past, I would try to match the inserts with the specific diapers they came with, then I suddenly realized that most of inserts were interchangeable & that some inserts, like my Blueberry One Size worked fabulously in other diapers.

All this to say, I highly recommend thinking outside the box & trying your inserts in different diapers. The Rumparooz 6 R two piece insert is amazing overnight in my perfect size medium Fuzzibunz. The Blueberry One Size insert makes it possible for my toddler to wear her Baby Kanga Pouch diaper overnight! These are options that I never would have considered a few months ago.....just because an insert came with a certain diaper doesn't mean it is the BEST insert for that diaper for my child.

Have you mixed & matched your inserts? What's your favorite?

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Emi said...

I have always matched all my inserts and prefer it this way, but I have recently acquired a handful of diapers that didn't come with inserts and stepped out of my comfort zone. I am using my Bumgenius inserts with my Wahmies S-hook diapers right now, because my DD can tear the BGs off UNDER her clothes. I have also used my Happy Heinys and Berryplush inserts in my Rocky Mountain and Wahmies snap diapers.