Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bon Bon Cupcake Review--Things I LOVE Thursday

I was recently sent a pair of Bon Bon Cupcake microfiber ruffle leggings to review. I had fallen in love with them the first time I visited the webpage. They are the epitome of ADORABLE! One of the things that I missed the most when I only had boys was ruffles & fancy dresses....I LOVE ruffles & fortunately for me all three of my girls are girly girls!

When they arrived, they were packaged in a clear box, inside was what looked like a fancy cupcake sitting on a spotted tissue paper tray. I tried to take a picture, but it didn't come out well. When I showed it to Marissa she squealed with joy! Marissa is 4 and the pair we received are a 2T-4T, they fit her with a bit of room to grow. They come in sizes from newborn up to 8 yrs old, Maggie very disappointed they don't make her size. The legging material feels very durable, yet silky. We've now washed them several times & they still look new, unlike most of the tights that Marissa has worn. As you can tell, from this picture, Marissa LOVES them. This type is called Double Layer leggings, there are actually two different types of ribbon in the ruffle. The legging itself is a pale pink. These retail on their website for $22, which originally seemed kind of expensive to me. The quality & durability has actually swayed me & I'm considering buying Marissa & Melanie each a pair to match their Christmas dresses....I think the white on white basic leggings would look fabulous with their red dresses!

If you are in LOVE with ruffles, I highly recommend checking out the Bon Bon Cupcake website & don't forget to take a look at their sales....I saw some pretty good deals!