Monday, October 12, 2009

Music Monday--Maggie May

I have always really liked this song. I'll admit that the first time I REALLY listened to the words & understood them, I was SHOCKED, but hey it is a Rod Stewart song, so now I just enjoy the song & try not to think too much about the actual lyrics.

I have a daughter Maggie & people are always trying to call her Maggie May....for the record her middle name is NOT May & she was NOT named for this song & for what it's worth Maggie is actually only her nickname.


Diane said...

oh. i get it now. lol i never really listened to it either.

Run DMT said...

Although I'm not a Rod Stewart fan, this is one of my favorite Rod Stewart songs. I think I was in high school when I figured out what the song was all about.

Happy MM! :-)

Lorielle said...

I love Rod Stewart! First Cut is The Deepest was one of my favorites. Although numerous others did it.

Anonymous said...

LOVE this song! I can see CD in its slot as I write this. awesome!