Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Diaper Rash & Cloth Diapers...Diaper Tip Tuesday

Diaper Tip Tuesday is sponsored by The Cloth Diaper Report and this weeks theme is diaper rash. Diaper rash was a regular occurrence for Melanie when she was in sposies. I always kept a big tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste handy. For the first 6 months after switching to cloth diapers she had no diaper rash at all, then she started cutting her 2 yr molars.

I was in a panic to figure out what to use on her rash because Butt Paste isn't safe for the synthetic fibers in most of her cloth diapers. We tried a sample of Angel Baby Bottom Balm and it helped, but we couldn't buy it locally so I had to keep looking. Next we tried Aveeno soothing diaper rash cream, I was able to buy it at Baby's R Us locally & while it does have zinc, it has less than a lot of the popular brands.

To protect my diapers, I also bought fleece liners at my local cloth diaper store. The liners protect the diaper from the rash cream & also make cleaning up poopy diapers easier. The rash cream will stain the liners, but better a piece of fleece than my precious diapers! I've tried Bummis disposable liners, but had a lot of trouble with them bunching up when wet. Since then, I've also cut up some old fleece and used it as a liner when I need to use rash cream. There are rash creams available that are totally safe for cloth diapers, but the zinc type seems to work the fastest for Melanie.

In disposable diapers Melanie had diaper rash at least once a week & had to have rash cream on overnight every night to keep from waking up with a red bottom. Now, diaper rash is a rare occurrence & clears up quickly with a couple applications of rash cream and a fleece liner in her cloth diapers.

Do you have a diaper rash story? What worked for you? What didn't work? Blog about your diaper tip and link to The Cloth Diaper Report so we can all learn from each other! Diaper Tip MckLinkys will be open for one week, or until the next Diaper Tip Tuesday Meme.

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Emi said...

Thanks for sharing your diaper tip! We love our liners, esp. my husband and mother when they are in charge of changing.