Saturday, October 17, 2009

Have you HEARD about the new GroBaby Bio Soaker Intro Pack?

Earlier this month The Natural Baby Company introduced the Bio Soaker for their one size GroBaby shells. The Bio Soaker is a disposable pad with adhesive tabs that can be attached to the inside of a GroBaby shell. These shells are already designed to be used multiple times between washes, so this disposable soaker makes the system even more versatile.
I haven't tried the Bio Soaker yet, but should be receiving some in the mail anyday from a Twitter friend. The Bio Soakers come in a box of 50 for $19.99. They come in 2 sizes and appear to have elastic like gathers along the sides. Just this week, GroBaby also started selling an Introductory Package that includes the box of 50 inserts and one vanilla shell. The introductory package is available for $34.95.

GroBaby is giving bloggers the opportunity to receive a FREE Introductory Package in exchange for writing a detailed blog post. I am hoping to receive one of those packages in exchange for this post. If you have a blog & would like a chance to participate in this giveaway visit GroBaby's Facebook page.

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