Thursday, October 15, 2009

Things I LOVE Thursday...Tweetdeck

Several months ago I joined twitter. Why did I join? Well, my main reason was for the extra entries in cloth diaper giveaways. Once I joined, I wasn't impressed. The basic page does not auto update & there is no way to see if someone has replied to a tweet you sent. Even worse, there is no notification that you've received a direct message. I didn't see the point of it & since I don't use a cell phone (gasp, I know I'm so weird), twitter really didn't appeal to me. Then I heard about Tweetdeck.

Tweetdeck is an application that I downloaded for free onto my computer. It runs separately from my browsers & has multiple columns. It auto updates several times per minute. You can customize what columns you want to have & it can run in the background. I have mine set up with 5 columns.
1.All Friends (everyone I'm following)
2.Mentions (replies to my tweets or somebody talking about me)
3.Search #clothdiapers (this is my main addiction on twitter, official chat is Monday nights, but there is almost always cloth diaper chatter going on 24/7)
4.Direct Messages (private messages sent only to me)
5. Facebook Full News Feed (shows status updates for my Facebook friends)

I can reply to specific messages easily & retweet messages with almost no effort. I could publish all my tweets to my Facebook status with Tweetdeck too, but I think my relatives on Facebook would be overloaded.

I can add additional search columns when I want to follow a hashtag (#) topic & simply close it when I'm done. Tweetdeck turns Twitter into a chatroom. Do you need a new addiction? Go to to download it for your computer. I think there is a version for fancy cell phones too that lets you publish your text messages directly to twitter.

Check out TheDiaper Diaries for more Things I LOVE Thursday. Click on the Giveaway link under my header to enter my current ends Saturday night & will have 3 winners!


LT said...

Ah yes, TweetDeck dragged me right into twitter too! I still mainly use it for giveaway entries, it is so much easier to use than Twitter!
I am still not to sure how to use the # feature when people are doing parties etc. Maybe I'll learn that soon!
Happy Thursday!

{ Mom of 3 Dolls } said...

My tweets are for extra entries too! I'll have to try tweetdeck. Are you able to sched your tweets? I do that with hootsuite. I'm interested in the FB apps of it, too.

Life is Good said...

I have always felt so left out of give aways, because I never tweet. So youthink this amkes it easier...
I suppose I will have to someime before my kids become teenagers and want to twitter me all the time. I'm totally dreaming here.

thediaperdiaries said...

When I first joined Twitter, I used Twhirl as my application and I just can't get used to Tweetdeck. I have tried it cause I know everyone loves it, but I just prefer Twhirl. Thanks for participating!