Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursday...Fluff pictures!

While getting organized to create this post I came to a realization. Although Melanie wears cloth diapers all day every day, I don't really have many pictures of her in her diapers. The pictures I do have, the diaper is the only thing she is wearing. Of my three girls, she is definitely the least fond of clothing anyway, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised.
Large Berry Plus AI2 (we LOVE minky)

Having a nap in another Large Berry Plush A12

Crawling away in a pinned prefold

Sleeping in her Blueberry OS Minky (she calls it blue cow)

Size 2 Bamboozle, she's 25 lbs & it's almost too small

Medium Thirsties Fab Fitted

Orchid Thirsties Duo Wrap over medium Fab fitted

Sleeping in medium Thirsties Fab fitted & medium Thirsties cover

Medium Bummis Frog cover over fitted
Large Fuzzibunz super stuff with prefolds for Fluffiest butt contest

Cow print Blueberry OS coverall over pinned prefold

Large Organic Cotton Fundawear Fitted


Upstatemomof3 said...

Oh so cute!!!!

MommyAmy said...

Very cute!

Hey I was wondering, I know very little about cloth diapering. I tried it for 4 months when my girls were little and gave up... too many other issues going on for me to be able to "deal" well. I was thinking about getting some cloth training pants, we're getting pretty close to potty training. Do you have any suggestions?? :)