Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Great Cloth Diaper Hunt--Are you playing?

Last May, I participated in the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt for the first time. It's a super FUN scavenger hunt. There is a long list of sponsors and each one has hidden the special icon somewhere on their site. The more icons you find the better prize you are qualified to win. Last time I won an embroidered pocket diaper & a very nice laundry pail liner.

Cute Caboose is one of the sponsors and along with participating in the Great Cloth Diaper Hunt, they are also having a weekly giveaway on their website. Each week of November one winner will receive a prize package!!! A grand prize will be awarded on November 30th.


Tracey said...

Yes, this is my first year. I have spent all day trying to figure out clues. Just what I needed, another reason to be on the computer! LOL

BabeeLove said...

Thanks for sharing! I just signed up! This is going to be fun :)