Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Diaper Tips Tuesday...Build a Stash on a Budget--wk3

Diaper Tip Tuesday has a THEME this month!!! I LOVE themes!!!

November 2009

How to Build a Diaper Stash.
Week 3: What was your budget and how did you spread it out? If you didn't set an initial budget how much do you think you spent per child on your stash?

My initial budget for trying out cloth diapers was $50. At that time, my goal was to try to use fewer disposables at home to save money. That $50 investment allowed me to only need one disposable per day (night time diaper) and quickly showed me how enjoyable cloth diapering could be. Since then, I've probably spent at least an additional $250, but considering that it has been about 14 months & I was spending $50 a month on disposables, I think I'm doing pretty good. Diapers are no longer something I have to add to the grocery budget every month, instead they are a fun indulgence that I splurge on when I can.

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Amber Liddle said...

Isn't it funny that buying a diaper is now a fun splurge?