Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tomorrow is the last day of National Blog Posting Month

I've managed to post every single day this month (some days more than once) and really it wasn't THAT hard. I already know what I'm posting for tomorrow (Monday's are EASY), so I have met the goal!!!! Every month I set a personal goal to have at least one post for each day of the month. Most months my number of posts is at least as many as the number of days in the month, but frequently I will skip a few days & then have several posts in one day.

Did you do National Blog Posting Month? How did you do? Was it FUN? Really that last question is the most important to me. It was FUN for me & I enjoyed it. I don't think I would want the pressure of needing to post something everyday for months on end, but for one month it was both challenging & FUN!

My goal for next month is 31 posts. With the holidays, I'm sure there will be some days that I won't post, but I'm also sure that there will be days that there is so much I want to share I will have several posts.

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