Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fluff Talk Thursday...Cloth Diaper deals alert!!!

The SwaddleBees Outlet is one of my favorite places to buy 2nd quality diapers. These diapers supposedly have minor flaws. I've bought quite a few & have yet to actually find a visible flaw. While supplies last everything in the outlet is 50% off!!!

I purchased side snap minky pocket diapers for $12.50 each!!! I also purchased Organic Cotton Velour fitted diapers for $9 each!

The outlet is physically located in their headquarters here in the town where I live, so while I was there today, I also asked Casey McClure his opinion about getting rid of STINK. Casey is a great guy & very knowledgeable. He is of the opinion that a lot of the stink issues (ammonia) that I am currently experiencing are actually from using too little detergent. I have found ways to increase the amount of water my diapers are getting in my front loading washer, now I will try increasing the amount of soap & adding an additional rinse. I would LOVE to be rid of this ammonia!


Gwenn S. said...

That's awesome! He's probably right..I always use more soap than I was first told to use and have yet to have stink issues (knock on wood). Good luck, I hope it works for you :)

Delanea said...

I just love their outlet, too! I wish I lived near headquarters. They had some amazing deals on OV fitteds and minky wraps today, and I just couldn't resist! We had ammonia problems for a while, too; it is definitely due to the diapers not being clean (from a chemistry standpoint, it has everything to do with the mess left in the diaper combined with the pH of fresh urine), and Casey's recommendation is a good one. It's hard to judge how much to use sometimes with HE washers. I switched detergents and added Calgon (we have hard water) and no more stinkies. I hope you find a solution!

Emi said...

I have shopped their outlet a couple of times as well! That is so cool you live close by to a company like Swaddlebees!

Nifty Nappy said...

So I have a suggestion if you have stink! Try using some tea tree oil like 3-5 drops in your wash! I love this! It is an anti-bacterial and will kill the bacteria that can cause stink and rashes!
Also you can try to use some vinegar (1/4 c) in the rinse.
BUT the BIG suggestion I have is to hang them up out-side to dry! SUN them! The sun is amaxing! I have fresh diaper everytime!