Thursday, June 24, 2010

Through the Lens Thursday...Oakdale

Many years ago, Hubby and I both graduated from High School in Oakdale California. We've been told that there is an Oakdale in just about every continental United State, but we had only ever been to the one in California. Recently we came across this sign while driving on a rural road in Tennessee.
We were eager to see what Oakdale Tennessee would look like.  We wondered if there was an Oakdale High School and if so what was the mascot.  We drove the 4 miles and were disappointed to find no real “town” at all.  Oakdale Tennessee seems to be little more than an intersection of two roads.  It is much greener than California this time of the year.

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chanel said...

I followed you from Lots of Kids. We live very close to Oakdale, CA! What a small world :)