Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mommy’s Piggy Tales…First Grade


This is week 3 of a 15 week project. The object is to write a story each week about a different period of time from our childhood. I am writing this for my children. The first week was about my birth. Last week was about Kindergarten and the birth of my brother Allan. This week I will be sharing some random memories about First Grade.
First Grade was a REALLY long time ago, but I remember a few things.  When I was in first grade we moved several times and I went to a couple different schools.  At one of the schools I had a teacher who always called me Diane.  Every time she called me Diane, I would remind her that my name was Denise and she would say “oh, yes, I remember” but she NEVER got my name right.  She wasn’t OLD or anything, she just couldn’t get my name right.  I told my Mom and she thought I was exaggerating, but when we moved and we got my report card she knew I was right…the name on my report card was Diane.
In February of 1st grade we moved into a row house that would end up being the last place we ever lived in New Jersey.  It was on the end and had a nice yard.  In March it snowed a lot. Big Allan (my brother’s father) helped my Mom and I to build a giant snowman.  Even though my brother was only a year old, we took him out to play in the snow…he LOVED it.
Big Allan had been part of our lives off and on for several years.  First grade is the only time I really remember him living with us most of the time.  In my memories, he is around at times, then gone for long periods, then back again.

Toward the end of 1st grade our dog, Ginger had puppies.  She was part fox and a very sweet dog.  I remember the puppies being in a box by the washing machine and Ginger would pick them up by their necks and hide them under and behind furniture.  When they were old enough we gave them away and Ginger got fixed so she wouldn’t have any more puppies. Ginger was a very good dog.  She loved my brother and I very much.  I LOVED to dress her up in my outgrown clothes, she was just the right size and she didn’t seem to mind at all.



Adoption of Jane said...

What a sweet idea to write for your kids. I lol at the dog in your dress!

Janet said...

I love this. Great way to preserve these memories and share them with your kids.

Mom2three said...

I used to dress up my pets (dog and cats) when I was little - also had birthday parties for them and painted their toe nails. No wonder they always ran when they saw me! My grandma never could spell my name right, but to get it wrong on your report card - that's plain wrong! Nice to have pictures to go with the memories.

MommaHarms said...

dressing up a dog - what a great memory!

Ginny Marie said...

That is the cutest dog EVER! She was really part fox? That's so interesting!

I have such fond memories of building snowmen with my dad...that's a great photo!

Janette@Janette's Sage said...

Stopping by from group 2 of Mommy Piggy Tales...I love the pictures, so much like many of mine.
Since I lived in Texas snow was a big deal...and so were snowman when we got the chance to build one.