Thursday, June 10, 2010

Teen/Tween Thursday....Round 2 is in full swing here

This is a new meme that I came across last week.  Parenting tweens and teens is NOT easy. I haven't found many blogs that talk about the teen years, I'm assuming mainly because much of raising teens is difficult and very rarely CUTE.  Maybe I just haven't found that niche of bloggers yet.

Hubby and I survived our first two sons tween and teen years, but now we are fully submerged in the next wave of tweens, with another wave still to come.  Next year Morgan will officially be a TEEN and the year after that he will be at the age that was the most difficult with both of his older brothers.  Am I looking forward to it?  No, but at the same time I’m not dreading it either.  I know that we will survive.  He just turned 12 in April, at times I can still pretend that he is my “baby boy”.  There are times when he is sweet and compliant and very willing to help out with anything I ask him to do.  There are also times when I can definitely see that TEEN attitude starting to creep in.  He wants to be more independent, he wants more freedom and he doesn’t want to be asked to help with ANYTHING. 

Maggie is another story all together.  She is our first girl and in many ways I am absolutely dreading the teen years.  I don't think I was an easy teen and I expect her to be more challenging than any of her brothers.  The mood swings have already begun, the attitude is growing everyday and she is only turning 10.  I wish I had all the answers or even a solid PLAN.  I've always trusted my instincts when it comes to parenting, but somehow instincts don't seem like enough when it comes to surviving the teen years with a GIRL....especially a girl who will be setting the precedent for her two younger sisters. 

I'm open to all the Been There Done That Advice anyone has to offer.  She is a GOOD girl and she knows we love her with all our hearts, unfortunately I'm terrified that won't be enough to get us through the difficult hormonal years ahead.


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

13 has been the most difficult year for us with our two oldest boys so far..the youngest will be 13 in the fall. Consistency seems to be important and letting them have freedom according to their level of responsibility. I am certainly not an expert- which is why I started the linky! thanks for linking up- maybe together we will figure this parenting teens thing out =)

LT said...

Well, I don't have any advice for you because I don't have teens yet, but I am paying close attention to those of you that do because I know mine will be teens before I know it!
The thought of a teen girl scares me too, even at 6 mine acts like a teen sometimes already!