Monday, September 28, 2009

Maggie probably has the swine flu

My daughter Maggie is 9. Several of her classmates & a few of the kids on her bus have recently been ill. A few of them have told Maggie it was the swine flu. Thursday of last week Maggie had a headache when she came home from school. Friday, she didn't feel great, but she didn't have a fever & she REALLY didn't want to miss school. When she came home she did have a fever & a headache & went right to bed. Over the weekend, she has been coughing & complaining of headaches off & on. Tylenol has kept her fever down and she hasn't been overly uncomfortable. Last night I decided that I would keep her home today & have her checked out to be sure she didn't have something contagious.

I really wasn't sure what resources were available for swine flu detection in our area, so I called the Health Department first thing this morning. I was very surprised when they told me that they are not testing for swine flu and that I didn't need to take her to the Dr at all unless she developed complications. I am to just keep her home, give her Tylenol for the fever & monitor her illness. She's not extremely sick, so I guess we will be waiting this out & watching to see who gets it next.


Alicia said...

My kids were exposed to swine flu when they went to camp, and my daughter got sick. She totally had flu type symptoms!

I hope your daughter gets better soon!!

Katie said...

I hope it's a short lived illness & it doesn't make its way through your family!

AMother'sEarth said...

Hope she feels better soon!!!