Sunday, September 20, 2009

Car Update

So far I am surviving without my van. I missed something important at Church yesterday & we missed the first day of Sunday School today. Mason got the battery out of the van & I took it to the auto parts store to have it checked. Unfortunately, the battery is fine (it's under warranty, so they would have replaced it for free). They suggested I check the starter's kind of like a fuse. It looked bad, so I bought a new one. We now have a very fast loud clicking noise when I try to start the van as opposed to it doing absolutely nothing, so I'm thinking it needed that new relay. It probably needs a new starter. I have no money & no way to get it to a mechanic, so the current plan is that on Hubby's next payday (in a week) we will buy a starter from the auto parts store & try to replace the starter ourselves. My Hubby is probably one of the least mechanical people on the face of the planet, so more than likely I will be trying to do this while he is at work next weekend. Wish me luck surviving for a 3rd week with no transportation!

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