Saturday, July 4, 2009

My Cloth Diaper Stash...the brands I've tried Part 2

A fitted diaper has elastic at the waist and legs and fastens with snaps or velcro. They do not have a waterproof out layer, a separate cover goes over the fitted diaper. The advantage that I've found with a fitted diaper is that they are generally less expensive than pocket diapers, they offer a nice trim fit and they can be used later as training pants.

Kissaluv Fitted This was the first fitted diaper I bought. It is a size 2 large fitted diaper. The material is a soft stretchy terry cloth. This diaper isn't very absorbent, but it does work well around the house during the day with a cover. The outside is a pale lavender, the inside is natural and it has green stitching around the legs and waist. I anticipate using this diaper uncovered when Melanie gets further with her potty training, it is very roomy & when it's snapped on the largest waist setting she can pull it off & on like underwear.

Thirsties Fab Fitted These are my favorite fitted diaper. They are a velcro closure, which I don't normally like, but on this diaper it works well. I've got three of these, one raspberry, one lavender and an aqua. Melanie still fits well in the medium and will probably never need to move up to a large. They are really thick and absorbent. Melanie often wears these diapers overnight. When Melanie is feeling cooperative about using the potty, this is the perfect diaper to wear around the house without a is not waterproof, but it is thick enough to not soak through when she doesn't make it to the potty in time and the velcro makes it easy for her to get it off quickly when she needs to go potty.

Mother Ease One Size Fitted I purchased the Introductory Package for $21.95. It included a one size fitted cotton diaper, a snap in liner and a side snap PUL cover, shipping was included in the package price. I'll talk about the cover in another post. I've been very happy with this diaper. It works well around the house during the day and is fairly absorbent with the extra liner snapped in. It reminds me of the old fashioned terry cloth training pants people used before the invention of pull-ups. It has snaps to adjust the size. I've tried snapping it down, but I have my doubts about how well this diaper would work for a small baby because it seems so wide between the legs.

Bumgenius Bamboo Fitted I was hesitant to buy this diaper because of the velcro closure, but I was pleasantly surprised to find that both Melanie & I really like it! This bamboo diaper did not start out as soft as the Bamboozle, but it has retained it's original feel much better. It is very absorbent. There is an internal soaker inside this diaper that takes a really long time to dry. Now that it's Summer, I have been hanging the diapers outside on a clothesline, but when the weather doesn't cooperate, I hang this diaper up in the laundry room over night after it comes out of the dryer to allow it to finish drying. This diaper is a large and is supposed to fit from 22 to 30 lbs, it definitely runs a bit smaller than any of Melanie's non-bamboo diapers. This is one of the only diapers I think Melanie might outgrow before she is fully potty trained.

Bamboozle Bamboo Fitted I absolutely LOVED this diaper when I first bought it. The bamboo was silky smooth and the fit was perfect! It is the most expensive fitted diaper I have bought (about $20), but I loved it so much I just had to have one. The size 2 is supposed to fit from 10 lbs to 35 lbs. Melanie is about 25 lbs and on the last set of snaps. The bamboo has lost it's silky feel, after about 6 months of use it feels more like a standard terry cloth towel. It is very absorbent and the sewn in doubler adds even more absorbency, but it is a bit rough feeling, so Melanie doesn't wear it overnight. When I first bought it, I wanted to buy a bunch more, but couldn't find them in stock anywhere. Now, I'm glad I only bought one of these.

Tender Tush Organic Fitted I purchased this fitted at a local store. It is a toddler size and is supposed to fit from 20 to 35 lbs. Melanie is about 25 lbs and it's still pretty baggy on her. The organic cotton is thick & absorbent. There's also a sewn in doubler that is attached at the front of the waist & can be folded to increase absorbency in the wet zone. This is another fitted diaper that I think will end up also being used as training pants.

You can read Part 1 about the Pocket Diapers in my stash here. Next I'll be talking about my prefolds, All in Two, Contour diapers and covers. Please leave a comment if you have any questions or if there is anything else you're dying to know about modern cloth diapering.


Janet said...

I loved cloth diapering my babies. I used Kissaluvs too and really liked how soft they were. I bought a mother-ease intro pack and that diaper lasted forever. Miss having babies around to cd.

CherryBlossomMJ said...

I'm impressed with how many various types you have to try. I'm trying to get different ones, but funds make it difficult! lol

NateAndJakesMom said...

I bow to you - All these kids and you use cloth?? You are amazing - that was super interesting too!