Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Cloth Diaper Stash...Part 3 Prefolds

This is the third in a series about my cloth diaper stash. I started out a couple weeks ago showing you all my pocket diapers, in part 2 I did a little show & tell of all my fitted diapers, now I'll tell you about the backbone of my stash, the contours, the prefolds & the covers.

Lets start with the contours...the Kissaluv contour diaper is a diaper that doesn't have any elastic or snaps or velcro and is shaped to fit baby without any folding. This was the first diaper I bought. I have 6 and bought them originally with the intent of using them during the day to cut back on the number of disposables Melanie was going through in a day. You can lay it in a snug fitted PUL cover and fasten the cover to keep it on the baby, or you can do what I do with Houdini Melanie & use pins to fasten the diaper, then put on a snug fitting waterproof cover. These are not super absorbent, but for an easy during the day diaper, I still find them very handy.

I have a dozen premium size prefold diapers. I chose unbleached because I had heard they are more absorbent. They were also the most inexpensive diaper option available at about $2 each. I mostly only use them when I'm running low on other diapers, but having them has definitely made it possible for me to not ever need to use disposable diapers. Melanie actually likes them fairly well. Given the option of a prefold or a disposable she will always choose the prefold. (Yes, she has occasionally be offered that choice) She is mildly afraid of the pins because I've told her that they will poke her if she messes with them. The premium size is much bigger than I expected. I have to fold down the front for them to fit properly. I've never tried the infant size, but I think they would probably fit her fine without the need to fold down. I've been very pleased with their absorbency, Melanie can wear one for a 3 hr nap with no leaks.

Melanie is really bad about taking off her diaper, especially poopy diapers. I've found that pins are currently the ONLY things that can guarantee her diaper will stay on.
The JamTots Berry Plush is advertised as an All in One, but most places I have seen it, you buy the cover and have the option of buying the insert at an additional cost. I have 3 of the covers (two yellow & a pink). One of them came with a hemp insert with minky layer down the center, the insert has snaps at one end & you can attach it to either the front or the back of the cover. The cover snaps on the sides and is almost impossible for Melanie to take off. I LOVE these covers, but am not overly impressed with using it with the insert. The insert is very absorbent & works great as a pocket stuffer, but when snapped into the cover it tends to bunch up on Melanie because it only snaps to the cover at one end. I mostly use these covers over fitted diapers.

We've got two size medium Thirsties covers, a pink one & a blue one. Even though it is a medium, Melanie has a lot of room in it & I don't see her ever needing to go up to a large. I avoided these covers at first because they are velcro closure, but since I loved the Thirsties Fab fitted diapers, I decided to try the Thirsties cover, as soon as I bought one, I had to have another. Recently Thirsties came out with a multi-size cover. I just bought a size 2 Duo wrap in lavender, it says that it fits from 18 lbs to 40 lbs. Melanie has only worn it once, but I was very impressed with how versatile it is. I snapped it on the smallest setting and it fit nice & snug. I think it would be about the same as her medium Thirstie covers if I snapped it on the middle snaps. It is definitely too big for her at the fully open setting.

This cover is a Super Whisper Wrap by Bummis. I have looked at these in the local diaper store, but had never bought one because of the velcro. I won this cover in a blog giveaway & have been surprised at how much we like it. The velcro is a bit stiffer, but the PUL feels thicker than any of the other covers I own & the print is adorable. This is a medium and while it isn't quite as big as the Thirsties medium, it fits Melanie well and has a bit more growing room. It works well over both prefolds and fitted diapers.
This next cover is a Blueberry One Size Coverall. It has snaps on the front so that it can be used from about 10 lbs up to about 40 lbs. It is also a snap closure, which I really LOVE. I ordered this online and was surprised when I received it that it is not lined inside at all. The sticky side of the PUL is fully exposed. At first I wasn't very happy about that, but I have found that it makes it super easy to just rinse this cover in the sink, hang it to dry for an hour or so & reuse it. Because of the cow print, it is Melanie's favorite cover. Melanie can wear it snapped down to the middle snaps or fully open. It is snug over a trim fitted diaper snapped down, & perfect over a bulky prefold fully open...we've never had a leak on either setting, so it usually just depends on what diaper she is wearing under it whether I leave it fully open or not.All the diaper covers I've talked about up to this point have been PUL (a polyester type fabric on the outside with a plastic coating on the inside to make it waterproof). I also have two fleece covers. Fleece is waterproof, but it is also much more breathable than PUL. I bought both of these covers used from my local diaper store. The Sugar Peas Windpro Fleece cover is very trim. It isn't the most attractive cover, but it works GREAT!! This one is a large & is a bit big on Melanie. It gaps at the waist on the tightest setting, however we've never had a leak with it, even overnight. I don't have a picture of it, I'll try to remember to take one in the next few days & add it in. The other fleece cover we have is a Stacinator Deluxe Fleece Cover. It is really thick, made of two layers of fleece. This feels like blanket material it is so soft & thick. Melanie has only ever worn this at night. We used this cover a lot when I was putting her in two prefolds for a night time diaper. It is a bit bulky, but works wonderfully!

I have a few more covers that I use occasionally, but they aren't anything special. I had planned to wrap this series up here, but there are still a few things about my stash I would like to share, so sometime soon there will be a part 4. As always, if you have any questions or would like to give me feedback on your experience with cloth diapers, please leave a comment.


Mandi @ It's come to this said...

I must admit, I don't know much about cloth diapers ... but I do know those are cute:)

Jeni said...

I like to read other people's opinions on the different types of cloth diapers. We used them for my daughter for awhile, until she got a yeast diaper rash that just would not go away. I'm thinking about trying them for my newborn son soon.

Life is Good said...

We use dappi diaper covers with prefolds.
Really Fleece is water proof? How is that possible? I had no idea.