Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Catching up on OLD TV shows--Works for ME Wednesday

We subscribed to Netflix a while ago. We got the cheapest plan that had streaming video. We get one DVD at a time in the mail and we can watch as much streaming video as we want. People who have X-Box 360 can buy a box that attaches to your tv and download directly to your tv.

We don't have an X-Box, so we hooked our flat screen tv to Hubby's computer. We've been watching a lot of old episodes of television series. Some of our favorites are BBC shows like Dr Who, MI-5 [Spooks] & Jekyll. We also watched the entire Sliders series and lots & lots of movies. We aren't the best at getting dvd's back into the mail, we average about 3 or 4 a month, but we watch streaming video from Netflix just about every night.
The best part is that it costs less than $10 a month!!!

It's been almost a year since we got rid of cable & I can honestly say we really don't miss it. Streaming video from Netflix definitely Works for Me!!!

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