Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Thinkgs I LOVE Thursday...Bac Out

I can't remember where I heard about Bio Kleen Bac Out. I think it was a few months ago. At the time, I know I looked it up online and liked what I read, but didn't like how much it would cost to have it shipped from any of the online stores. Last week I saw it in the Organics section at my local Kroger. It was $9.99 for a 32 oz bottle, but I had heard such good things about it I decided to give it a try.

Some of my diapers and inserts have been smelling badly even after several washings. I sprayed the inserts for my pocket diapers, I sprayed my fitted diapers and I let them sit for about 30 minutes before going through my usual wash routine. I didn't put any vinegar in the rinse because I've recently heard it isn't good for the PUL in my pocket diapers and covers. I was really impressed with how fresh they smelled when they came out of the dryer.
I'm hoping to get a clothesline up soon, to be able to air dry my diapers in the sun, I've heard that gets rid of smells too. Until then, Bac Out has been a regular part of my diaper washing routine!

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Algebra Teacher said...

I noticed that you are wanting to get a laundry line up. See what I did between the openings on our shed.

I put up a tie out for the dog and some ratchet straps. We have been using them ever since. I also bought a couple of drying racks from Wal-Mart. I put those out on the back porch and they smell just as good as anything hung from a line. These worked in a pinch and have continued to work well.