Wednesday, May 20, 2009

6 Unimportant Things

My friend Diane at Aunt Di's Experimental Life posted this & I thought I'd play along.

So, here are my 6 Unimportant Things:

1) I am addicted to shopping for cute cloth diapers, even though Baby Daughter already has plenty.
2) My house is a disaster most of the time.
3) I LOVE to cook, but I dread making dinner every night.
4) Chocolate is an essential food group at my house.
5) I couldn't care less what the 'stars' are up to and am disgusted that the media thinks I want
to know. I have absolutely no interest in reality shows either!
6) I much prefer an evening at home with Hubby & the kids over going out just about anywhere.
Well, there you have it! Six totally UNIMPORTANT things about me!
I'm not tagging anyone, but would love it if all my blogging buddies would post their list for all to see!


Alicia said...

I got tagged w/ this too!! Looks like fun!!

I like your list!!

Diane said...

Denise, I am so happy you decided to participate. Loved your list!

Yep, I'm a homebody too. My favorite thing to do in the whole world was just hang out at home with my hubby and do nothing, just 'be together'! Nothing in this world brought me more joy and now nothing in this world hurts more than being here without him.

Still, I am so very thankful for all those times we had here together, just the two us loving each other and making a life together!

Thanks for joining in! I enjoy such as this because we get to know each other!

Many hugs........