Monday, August 31, 2009

Music Monday & a postcard project

Today is Mason's first day of classes at college!!! He is a little over 100 miles from home living in overflow housing near campus....soon he should be in the dorm. He doesn't know ANYBODY & has never lived away from home before. Yes, he is close enough that he can drive home for Labor Day weekend & other holidays, but he is far enough away that we can't just drop by to visit him. I'm sending him a package today to see how long it takes to get there....our mail is notoriously slow. But I also thought it would be cool to start sending him random postcards & notes. There is a Starbucks on campus, so I'll definitely be picking up some Starbucks gift cards to send out. I also thought it would be cool to open this up to other people...anybody who reads my blog & wants to drop Mason a postcard please e-mail me for his address. I'm sure he will be OK & adjust to college life fine, but I'm also sure he would LOVE to get mail & know that somebody besides his crazy Mom is thinking about him.

I thought this video was especially appropriate today!!!


Melissa said...

I always loved when my mom would send me packages at college. Food is always good!

Aelwyn said...

Great choice for Musical Monday! Cheers!

Aelwyn said...

Oh--and I added your button to my blog! :) Always nice to see so many moms blogging...I know a lot of my readership are moms, too! :D

Diane said...

oh yes, good mail RULES! i'll send him a postcard!