Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School

The first day of school started REALLY early for Maggie. Last year the bus usually arrived at around 6:50 am, 7 minutes earlier than the published schedule. This morning, the bus slowly crept down our street at 6:40 am. Maggie was ready, and ran down the hill after it as soon as it passed the house. No other kids were at the bus stop. A few minutes later, the bus with Maggie on it went past the house again. Still no other kids were at the stop. Considering it was the first day of school, maybe their parents drove them, or maybe Maggie will be the only kid from our neighborhood catching the bus to the Primary & Intermediate school this year. Morgan didn't even get out of bed until 7. He is in Middle School this year. His bus doesn't come into the neighborhood, he has to stand at the entrance to the subdivision to wait for it. He left the house at 7:35 just in case his bus was early like Maggie's. The schedule says 7:53, but it didn't actually arrive until just after 8.
Marissa was up unusually early & had to give Morgan a hug & have her picture taken with him before letting him leave for the bus. He's getting so BIG!

Maggie got home just after 12 from her 1/2 day & was very happy. She LOVES her new teacher. We waited & waited for Morgan to get home. I wasn't really sure when to expect him, then the phone rang. He got confused about which bus was his & ended up missing it. We went & picked him up. He has a whole list of things he absolutely MUST have by tomorrow, but other than that he had a great first day too.


Betty said...

so glad Maggie loves teacher she seemed a little worried Sat. they both look so ready to go! love gramma

Tracey - Just Another Mommy Blog said...

And the homework begins.... Hope it's a great year for all of your kids!