Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things I LOVE Thursday....Flotation Swimsuits

I am extremely paranoid about my little kids being around water. When my oldest was little, we bought him a life jacket with a BIG collar that came up behind his head. Anytime we went to the lake or a pool or any other body of water the life jacket went on as soon as he got out of his carseat & didn't come off until he went back in his carseat. Everybody thought I would loosen up about water safety as I had more kids, but it hasn't happened.

This is my 2nd daughter in her new flotation swimsuit. The top portion that you see here is both a rashguard & a flotation device. The top snaps onto the swim bottom. The little ring at her neck makes it easier for her to stay upright when she goes into the water.

The suit Baby Daughter is wearing is a different brand. I bought it for our 2nd daughter last year & this year it fits Baby Daughter. The style is a little different.

It allows her lots of freedom of movement
and instead of snapping to the bottom, this one has a buckle that keeps it firmly attached. I really like this style for Baby Daughter because she just turned 2 & these buckles prevent her from being able to remove the flotation portion by herself.

The suit creates buoyancy in the water & gives my almost 4 yr old a little added confidence.
WARNING: Flotation suits are NOT a substitute for adult supervision!!!!

Even Baby Daughter gained confidence after a little while & was able to enjoy our day at the river.

My absolute favorite thing about each of these suits is that they came as a 3 piece set, with a matching bathing suit top. I do not know what brand they are & couldn't find them online, but I bought both of them at Walmart for less than $20 each.
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Diane said...

I didn't even know such things existed! I dont' have children, but I am always so afraid when my niece and nephew talk about taking their kids to the water. I have to pass along this information, for sure! Thanks so much for sharing. BTW, the girls are adroable, OF COURSE!!!

Many hugs..........


Hoosier Homemade said...

Those are great! I wish they had them when my boys were little.
Thanks for sharing!

foleybf said...

I love when I see little ones in those floaty swimsuite! Too cute!They had these ones at target and it was like a floaty, ballerina swimsuit! Loved it!

Jen-After the Alter

Whitney said...

My mom talks about these all the time. She says they were the best thing she ever found for me, because I wasn't scared of the water, even before I could swim. I haven't found any small enough for Bryson yet, but as soon as he grows into one, he'll have it!

Katie, Kevin and kids said...

You found some cute patterns on your floaty suits. I was just looking at these yesterday - 'tis the season for new sizes and styles for safety!