Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Have you ever considered registering to be a Bone Marrow Donor?

Last year, my son Mason and I both registered to be bone marrow donors. A simple kit was sent to us in the mail. We swabbed the inside of our mouth and sent the swabs was very quick & easy.

The National Marrow Donor Program is currently holding a Marrowthon. During the Marrowthon, Be The Match Registry is trying to add 46,000 new marrow donors and raise funds to save lives. June 8-22, it’s FREE to join (until they meet their goal and funds are depleted). If you haven’t joined yet, now is the time! Everyone who gets involved takes us one step closer to helping all patients get the life-saving marrow transplant they need. We all have the power to help, the power to heal.

Find more ways to help save lives at

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