Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday....Guess Who is turning 3 this week?

A Day With Two

My BABY!  She still makes this face on a regular basis.

Guess what I got a few days ago????  A scanner!!!!  In celebration, I just have to share a picture I recently found of our son Morgan.  You may remember that he turned 12 on April 22nd.

This picture was taken around the first week of May 1998.  Hubby has Morgan in the sling and I'm on the other side of him.  This is probably the ONLY time Morgan ever took a pacifier and of course it was for Daddy.

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LT said...

Oh I just love the face! Isn't it funny how the expressions they start with stay with them! My boy never took a paci either, a good and bad thing for us.
Yea for a scanner!!