Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday--Fresh from the scanner

A Day With Two

A couple weeks ago, I went to Walmart with the intention of buying ink for my "cheap" Canon printer.  To purchase a black cartridge & a color cartridge the cost would have been $37 before tax.  Instead, I ended up buying a new Canon All in One (printer, copier, scanner) for $40 with the ink cartridges included.  I have been wanting a new scanner and it seemed like a total no brainer to pay $3 more than the cost of the cartridges to get all of that.  What I don't understand is HOW is this even possible?  If the cartridges cost THAT much, are we supposed to just think of these printers as disposable?  And YES, these are full size cartridges that came with my new All in One. 

Now for some pictures.....

This is Easter 2002.  Marvin is 14, Mason is 12, Morgan is 4 and Maggie is almost 2.

And here is one of Maggie from the Summer of 2003 (I think....could possibly be 2004)


Ginny Marie said...

You're right...buying a new printer was definitely a no-brainer! Unfortunately, everything seems to be so disposable these days!

What an adorable family you have! I love the Easter picture. I'm the oldest in my family, but I always wanted a big brother. I have to put up with a little brother, instead! :)

zookeeper said...

We had an Epson- it was only $99 new. It had separate ink cartridges, that always seemed to run out at the same time anyways. So to replace all 5 ink cartridges was more than buying a new whole new printer. We did that...twice. It's a racket for sure!

LT said...

I totally agree on the ink cartridge thing, it is just terrible how expensive they are!

The pictures of the kids are just great! I love how nice they all look for the Easter shot, and Maggie's smile in the second is just precious!!