Thursday, January 1, 2009

Twenty Two Years ago Today.....

Hubby & I were married in the recreation room of our apartment complex. The minister who married us was the father of a friend from high school & a member of our Army Reserve unit. My Dad flew out from New Jersey to give me away. A family friend made us a beautiful cake. My Mom & I made appetizer trays for the reception. I bought my dress at JC Penney a few days before, it was a tea length cream colored party dress. I returned it the day after our wedding because we were strapped for cash & I knew I wouldn't ever wear it again. Hubby wore his dress Army uniform. Unfortunately my father was the only one who took any pictures & those didn't turn out well. For many years I didn't even have them, but he gave them to me on one of his rare visits a few years ago. I've misplaced the box they are in & the computer that holds all my scanned pictures is having power issues (it doesn't turn on at all).

The 22 yrs since have been eventful. There have been some very rough times, but also many many very happy times. I look forward to many more years with this man who I still love as much today as I did on that day 22 years ago.

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